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Skin Status: Feeling Itchy
oils.jpg If you have read our blog, “The birth of V&M Naturals” you’ll know that our company was founded by Jamie Faith Tan when she saw the need of Filipinos for natural remedies for their skin disorders and especially for the country’s lack of it. V&M Naturals promises to deliver a natural, healthy, and beautiful skin. In order to abide by this, we created products that could sooth eczema - a skin reaction suffered by many people with a skin condition.   Are you experiencing red patches on the skin that itch and eventually become irritated the more you scratch it? Sounds familiar? Eczema is a rash-like condition that is common in children but can also be seen in adults. In fact, we have elderly clients that have similar skin conditions.   Remember that eczema is not a single health condition but a term for a reaction pattern seen in many skin diseases. The common symptoms are having a dry, scaly, red and itching skin.   To this day, the specific cause of eczema is still yet to be found. Nevertheless, there are triggering factors that might show symptoms. It is thought to be connected to our body’s overactive response to the food we eat, irritants from shampoos, detergents, allergens, microbes, and abrupt changes in temperature.   No matter how much it itches, AVOID scratching your skin because it might cause infection. Instead, you can apply cool compress on it. You should also keep your skin healthy and moisturized daily with the application of oil-based creams or salves. They can help seal the moisture in the skin and prevent the flare-ups of symptoms.   Our Pure Active oils are created not only to remove wrinkles or lighten your skin. It is formulated with healing herbs and oils for especially for those suffering from different skin conditions. We promise to hold on to the same mission to deliver natural, healthy, and beautiful skin.   Eczema can go away over time. However, for some people, it is a permanent condition. There is no cure, but treatments are available to heal the affected skin and prevent the breakout of symptoms.   Want to see our Pure Active Oil line? Visit our official website, Facebook, or Instagram page. Are you in the vicinity? Drop by our stores in SM MOA, SM North EDSA, SM Mega Mall, SM Southmall, Ayala Malls The 30th, and our Fairview HQ.
The Bees and The Benefits


Ah, bees. Such wonderful and tireless workers.

Honey, being their well-received product, is also known for its curing abilities and skin care benefits. But it’s far from being the only beneficial one. Ever heard of beeswax?

Beeswax also has gifts for the skin just like honey.  Though edible, there isn’t much benefit to gain from eating beeswax. However,  it’s better applied on the skin. It is considered as a favorite thickening agent that provides additional skin benefits by an increasing number of beauty companies.

  • Protectant - Beeswax can act as a surfactant. It adds a protective layer on the skin to protect it from damages (such as early aging) caused by environmental assaults. But unlike petroleum-based products, beeswax will not “suffocate” your skin.

  • Humectant - Beeswax seals the skin’s water in  your epidermis resulting to stay soft and moisturized. It’s Vitamin A ingredient is a good skin softening agent, rehydrates dry skin, and may help in cell reconstruction.

  • Healer - Beeswax offers anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral benefits - making it a good curing ingredient.

We at V&M Naturals are always on the lookout for natural ingredients that promote wellness for both men and women. That’s why we created these top-selling products - beeswax-based whitening salves.

Try these!

ExfoBomb Salve


This no-rinse exfoliating salve is beeswax-based. It will cast away your dead skin cells, giving way to a healthier skin. It’s blended in a rich mixture of balsamic oils, butters, and potent extracts. 

You'll surely love our new formulated ExfoBomb Salve.

How to use: Gently rub it on areas you wish to lighten. After sloughing off dead skin cells, experience a supple and brighter skin.

Bikini Bomb Salve

Bikini Bomb

No more dry, rough, and flaky skin. This potent concoction has a micro-peeling effect will replace unwanted epidermal skin without visible traces for a youthful and finer glow. This is highly recommended for people with dark elbows, bikini area, knees, armpit, nape, and neck. It can even heal the skin of your old scar.

How to use: Gently rub it on areas you wish to lighten. After sloughing off dead skin cells, experience a supple and brighter skin.

Look bright and beautiful!

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FREE ExfoBomb Salve


ExfoBomb Salve is a beeswax-based no-rinse exfoliating salve. It adds a layer of protection on your skin against damages from environmental assaults. But unlike petroleum based goods, ExfoBomb allows your skin to breathe. It’s blended in a rich mixture of balsamic oils, butters, and potent extracts that promote skin lightening while casting away your dead skin cells; revealing a healthy and rosy appearance.


We are giving away 5 ExfoBomb Salves for FREE! How? It’s super easy!


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How to Get Your Revenge


“Living well is the best revenge.”

— George Herbert

How far would you go for a revenge?

When someone strongly offended us, our mind goes through a series of ideas on how we could get back at them and mentally testing which of these would work.

Studies show that people who have undergone revenge wanted to make themselves feel better and for some, getting even is sweet...  On the other hand,  the actual question is “what happens after the heat has died down as anger fades away?”

You’ll now see the gravity of what you’ve done and eventually realize what you shouldn’t have. Instead of diving head first into a sea of negative thoughts about another person, focus on yourself. Be rational, be logical - be the better person. Don’t forget to stay classy at all times.

Here are some ideas to make your revenge without becoming the bad guy

  • Achieve a massive success - Whether it’s having a billion net worth, having a million of followers, or simply being fit, obtain it. Haters celebrate your failures and your success drive them up the wall. It’s more than a slap in the face.  It makes them realize you are living a life they could only dream about. Whenever you feel like giving up, think why you started; it’s effective.
  • Steve Martin - “Be so good they can’t ignore you” - They are waiting for the moment where you will cave in and let anger eat you up. They are waiting to see you break down. Don’t. Never let them have that satisfaction. Instead, smile. It’s your best weapon. It throws them off guard, gets them confused, and tells them that you are strong and they cannot intimidate you. Continue to be the caring and well-mannered person that you are. Share your kindness with them – it’s a sign of intelligence.
  • Surround yourself with people - Not just with any people, but with your friends and family. Bigots live by the saying, “Divide and conquer”. They will do everything to make you feel helpless and alone. Don’t let them always remember that you have your friends’ back and the support of your family. Constantly talk to them about your issues – it’s healthy for the mind. More importantly, build more relationships. The more people you have, the stronger it will make you feel.

"Revenge is not worthy of you. If you concentrate on revenge, you will keep those wounds fresh that would otherwise have healed."

—Adeline Yen Mah

You don’t have to live your life seeking revenge. But if you feel like you can’t go on without doing something, these are good ways to start.

Who deserves one?

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3 Myths About Shaving For Men

Creative Shots 2_ShadesOfShave1.jpg

Basically, shaving is easy. You just get your razor and drag it across your face — job done!


A really good and close shave take a bit more than just a razor and a mirror.

We’ve debunked 3 myths about shaving for men

Myth #1: All you need is water and some soap.

Fact: Not really. Ordinary soaps tend to dry our skin. Shaving foams like Shades of Shave lubricates your skin for easy shaving. It acts as a layer of protection to effectively avoid nicks and cuts.

Myth #2: You could just simply razor out your stubble.

Fact: No! You’re just asking for wounds and possible light bleeding. Shades of Shave softens the skin for a closer shave. It glides the razor over the skin smoothly to prevent cuts.

Myth #3: It’s bad for your skin.

Fact: So not true! It actually makes your skin smooth as it removes dead skin cells. Shades of Shave works in two ways. It’s both a facial foam cleanser and a shaving foam.

It does not only remove dirt from your face or lubricates your skin for smoother shaving, it also softens the skin, diminishes irritation, and inflammation. Lastly, it contains orange extract which keeps you cool and energized wash after wash.

Men have various ways of shaving. Some do it dry, some like it wet. But not all of us shave right.

May you rest in peace, myths. Did these help clear some of your questions?

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Chappy Moments: A Super Easy and A Proven Effective Way to Heal Those Lips

Creative Shots Part 3_Smooch.jpg

You always apply your lip balm but that doesn’t mean it is fulfilling its job to moisturize your lips. It’s actually still dry. You can clearly feel it chapping. Has this ever happened to you?

Kiss those dry moments goodbye!


Smooch Lip Detox by V&M Naturals

This best selling product has proven its effectiveness time and time again by the people we trust the most ― our clients. This petroleum-free emollient actively improves your lips’ texture. As well as thoroughly moisturizes chapped and bleeding skin. Plus, it protects your lips from the sun resulting to a healthier, moisturized lips.

“This gave me a healthier, more pinkish lips, as compared to my previous pale and smoker-like lips (disclaimer: i don’t smoke). But this visibly improved the color and texture of my lips. The chapping also disappeared. The minty feel is a plus. No more dry winter lips because of this balm. Everyone should try this. It's a Lip-saver!”, Mavi, an avid user of Smooch Lip Detox.

Lip Tips:

DON’T LICK your lips. No matter what. Licking your lips is never the solution to your dehydrated lips. When saliva evaporates, moisture goes with it which causes lips to be dehydrated.

DON’T PEEL the skin flakes off your lips. As tempting as it is, please don’t. It just creates wound, bleeding, and swelling. Additionally, removing your lips’ top protective layer will only decrease its healing time.

Your lips SHOULD NOT be reliant to your balm. If it is, it’s not a good sign and most lip balms contain irritating ingredients (as many do). Regular use of these make your skin too dry and sensitive to create their own protection. Hence, leaving you no choice but to rely more on them.

What do you think?

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5 Reasons Why You Should Use Toners


Every morning when you wake up, you wash your face with soap, hoping to remove excess makeup from last night’s date and the dirt you got from going to places.

Is it enough? No. You need something more. You need a toner.

You most probably have seen this in a drugstore, grocery, or in a hypermarket which is usually ignored or walking passed by it — or maybe you just don’t know what it is.

Here’s another one that you should add to your list of beauty products. Facial toner.

Why should we use toners?

  • Detoxification - Even after washing, your face still has dirt. Toners remove oil buildup, dead skin cells, and toxins acquired from polluted air and other chemical residues from your skin. Hence, it gives you a cleaner, and brighter skin.
  • Balances skin pH - After cleansing the face with soap, our skin pH gets disturbed. This is because the soap’s alkaline nature isn’t compatible with our normally acidic skin (pH 5 to 6). Without using toner, our cells will have to work overtime to restore our pH balance.
  • Tighten the pores - Enlarged facial pores attracts more dirt in the skin, creating an oily face. Toners provide protection by shrinking skin pores allowing fewer dirt to enter your skin. The result? A smooth and luminous appearance.
  • Reduces Acne - By freeing your face from dirt, oil buildup, and excess chemicals, toners reduces the amount of acne you already have and inhibits future breakouts.
  • Maintains skin elasticity - Toners hydrate the skin which gives a fresher effect. Toners fight aging by properly hydrating the skin for a healthy and youthful appearance. It’s also a good base for applying cosmetics.

Our Beauty Pick

Now that you know how a toner works, all you need is a bottle of Witch Hazel toner by V&M Naturals!

giphy (1)

Spray it directly on your face or use cotton (balls/pads) — it works both ways! It enhances skin texture, moisturizes, and removes unpleasant acne blemishes — giving you a beautifully smooth and glowing skin.

Let’s get spritzy witches!

What's better is that it's on SALE UNTIL SATURDAY (Aug. 19, 2017). Order V&M Naturals Witch Hazel Toner through our official Facebook, or Instagram page now! Want to see more discounts? Click on our social media pages for more details.

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Emu Oil - V&M Naturals’ Star Product


Emu is the largest native bird of  Australia and the second largest in the world next to the ostrich. This flightless, soft-feathered, and brown friend can grow up to 2 meters (6.6 ft.) in height.

Although flightless, the oils we extract from this ancient specie is soaring high; benefiting nation after nation of its remarkable healing properties.

Creative Shots Part 3_EmuOil30ml&50ml.jpg

According to the Australian Aborigine culture, people have been enjoying the myriad of benefits of this oil for the past 40,000 years. It was first introduced to Europeans as a natural sunscreen and moisturizer. Today, this majestic bird provides a valuable oil for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry.

The fatty acid profile found in emu fat is closest to the human skin pH, making it easier for the oil to penetrate our skin and treat even those with repugnant skin conditions. It is said to be a better healing agent than any other plant-based products.

How different is emu oil from other oils or plants?

Because of how close its profile is to our skin, it can penetrate all skin layers and do its work without clogging our pores. Even though it came from an animal fat, emu oil can enter our skin because it doesn’t contain phosphorus molecules (that our body refuses entry of) that are found in other animals.

Below is a short list of emu oil’s popular uses

Reduces inflammation and pain - The most popular benefit of emu oil is its ability to relieve inflammation. It acts as a therapeutic balm; treating skin conditions like skin asthma, allergies, insect bites, eczema, and psoriasis. It also diminishes aching stiff muscles and joints; making it a good medicament to arthritis.

Fights infections and boosts immune system - Emu oil is loaded with essential fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamins. It eases the pain of small wounds, cuts, burns, and bruises. While its bacteriostatic quality stops the skin from further damage.

Improves skin texture - Emu oil easily absorbs into the skin. Due to its deep penetrating abilities, it prevents your skin from drying out and cracking. It also effectively heals your skin from within; managing wrinkles and correcting the appearance of scars (even your old ones), burns, and stretch marks with its cell regenerative attributes.

Makes breastfeeding easier - Hello there, mommies! Lactating mothers sometimes experience pain caused by incorrect clamping of babies. Research has proven that applying this oil to your breast areola and nipple skin gives mothers comfort. It soothes the pain and moisturizes your dry and cracked skin.

Improves hair condition - Emu oil has antioxidants and vitamin E that nourish your hair. It helps restore your natural, healthy, and shiny hair while also acting as a fortifying agent. Some studies even claim its potential to stimulate hair growth.

Each drop of this miracle oil can give you astounding benefits. What more if you have a whole bottle at your disposal.

Starstruck? You can get this 5x highly penetrating oil from our stores at SM MOA, SM North EDSA, SM Megamall, SM Southmall, Ayala Malls The 30th, or our Fairview HQ. Want more comfortability? Order through our official website, Facebook, or Instagram page.

Pro Tip: How to Delay Hair Growth in the Underarm and Bikini Area


Tired of your fast-growing hair in embarrassing areas? Shaving could be a real chore. Especially if you have to do it repeatedly every week. Which is exactly the case with our underarm and bikini area.

Yes, the things we do for beauty.


But what if you were given the chance to lessen your trimming sessions? Instead of spending time preparing your torture devices (razor) and mixtures (hair removal waxes), you could save yourself from having another set of cuts!

Oh, the possibilities.

Sure, it just takes a couple of minutes. But that ‘little’ time could be spent surfing the net, finishing projects, or doing other productive tasks. Well, say no more!

Creative Shots 2 Part II_MiraclePromise.jpg

V&M Naturals got your back. Its Miracle Promise Bikini and Underarm Creme actively delays the growth of unwanted hair while effectively neutralizing unpleasant odors. This creme also helps remove dark spots; revealing a clearer, healthier,and luminous glow.

Now, you can flaunt in that sleeveless blouse you’ve been dying to put on. Say bye to sleeved shirts. Go, show off and steal the moment.

Do you have similar woes? Do you feel the same? Tell us! We’d love to hear it from you.

Tamanu Oil: The Beautifying Superstar

TAMANU Flowers & Nuts.jpg

When the miracle worker tamanu oil was introduced in the early 1900s, the world was astounded. European researchers were impressed and even dubbed it as the “most potent skin regenerating oil”- all thanks to a french nun who used the oil to treat various skin conditions.

You may ask, “What in the world is tamanu?”. It is actually a flowering tree that bears fruits. Within those fruits are seeds, and oil is extracted from those seeds to give you wonders of the earth.

Even its latin name Calophyllum meaning “beautiful leaf” is a promise to give your skin a new, healthy cell growth. Tamanu oil is overwhelmingly versatile that the claims on its benefits are supported by the the studies done in Japan as well as other asian countries, Canada, Europe, and other Pacific islands.

However, as years goes by, while technology improved, synthetic alternatives to tamanu oil were also created, leaving this superhero in the dark… alone and forgotten.

Creative Shots 2 Part II_Tamanu.jpg

Well, not totally. So you can go and hide that shovel for now. We wouldn’t need to dig for some ancient tamanu oil. Lady luck is on your side. You don’t need to find that fruit and squeeze it dry yourself. V&M Naturals Pure Active Tamanu Oil has done the job for you.

What does it do?

  1. It’s antioxidant

V&M Naturals Pure Active Tamanu Oil prevents UV-related cell damage and aging. Not only does it protect the skin from the harmful effects of the sun but also gives the skin a regenerative boost to counteract premature aging caused by UV related free radicals.

     2. It’s antibacterial

V&M Naturals Pure Active Tamanu Oil heals wounds by promoting healthy skin growth. The oil is usually used to treat all sorts of wounds, scrapes, burns, rashes, insect bites, psoriasis, scars, and sunburn. Even scars from ugly acne breakouts, and stubborn wounds have high healing success thanks to the formation of new, healthy skin tissue.

    3. It’s anti-inflammatory

V&M Naturals Pure Active Tamanu Oil treats many chronic skin diseases like eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, and acne- all fundamentally inflammatory skin problems. This oil provides an immediate relief to your distressed skin and help fight the inflammatory response where it is manifesting.


“I've been using this organic tamanu oil only for a few weeks, but the results speak for themselves: my skin is no longer dry, flaky and painful to the touch – it's softer, smoother and has a healthy glow, my complexion has improved, my acne has cleared up, redness and inflammation is gone, some fine lines and stretch marks have faded. This wonderful product exceeded all my expectations.” says Leione, an active user of tamanu oil. You don’t want to miss out this wonder oil’s strong skin regenerating properties. You better grab your own bottle of V&M Naturals Pure Active Tamanu Oil NOW.

Have you tried this superhero before? How’s the result? We’d love to hear your story!