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Skin Status: Feeling Itchy
oils.jpg If you have read our blog, “The birth of V&M Naturals” you’ll know that our company was founded by Jamie Faith Tan when she saw the need of Filipinos for natural remedies for their skin disorders and especially for the country’s lack of it. V&M Naturals promises to deliver a natural, healthy, and...
The Bees and The Benefits


Ah, bees. Such wonderful and tireless workers.

Honey, being their well-received product, is also known for its curing abilities and skin care benefits. But it’s far from being the only beneficial one. Ever heard of beeswax?

Beeswax also has gifts for the skin just like honey.  Though edible, there...

FREE ExfoBomb Salve


ExfoBomb Salve is a beeswax-based no-rinse exfoliating salve. It adds a layer of protection on your skin against damages from environmental assaults. But unlike petroleum based goods, ExfoBomb allows your skin to breathe. It’s blended in a rich mixture of balsamic oils, butters, and potent extracts...

How to Get Your Revenge


“Living well is the best revenge.”

— George Herbert

How far would you go for a revenge?

When someone strongly offended us, our mind goes through a series of ideas on how we could get back at them and mentally testing which of these would work.

Studies show that people who have undergone revenge wa...

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Toners


Every morning when you wake up, you wash your face with soap, hoping to remove excess makeup from last night’s date and the dirt you got from going to places.

Is it enough? No. You need something more. You need a toner.

You most probably have seen this in a drugstore, grocery, or in a hypermarket ...

3 Myths About Shaving For Men

Creative Shots 2_ShadesOfShave1.jpg

Basically, shaving is easy. You just get your razor and drag it across your face — job done!


A really good and close shave take a bit more than just a razor and a mirror.

We’ve debunked 3 myths about shaving for men

Myth #1: All you need is water and some soap.

Fact: Not really. Ordinary ...

Chappy Moments: A Super Easy and A Proven Effective Way to Heal Those Lips

Creative Shots Part 3_Smooch.jpg

You always apply your lip balm but that doesn’t mean it is fulfilling its job to moisturize your lips. It’s actually still dry. You can clearly feel it chapping. Has this ever happened to you?

Kiss those dry moments goodbye!


Smooch Lip Detox by V&M Naturals

This best selling product has proven i...

Emu Oil - V&M Naturals’ Star Product


Emu is the largest native bird of  Australia and the second largest in the world next to the ostrich. This flightless, soft-feathered, and brown friend can grow up to 2 meters (6.6 ft.) in height.

Although flightless, the oils we extract from this ancient specie is soaring high; benefiting nation a...

Pro Tip: How to Delay Hair Growth in the Underarm and Bikini Area


Tired of your fast-growing hair in embarrassing areas? Shaving could be a real chore. Especially if you have to do it repeatedly every week. Which is exactly the case with our underarm and bikini area.

Yes, the things we do for beauty.


But what if you were given the chance to lessen your trimming ...

Tamanu Oil: The Beautifying Superstar

TAMANU Flowers & Nuts.jpg

When the miracle worker tamanu oil was introduced in the early 1900s, the world was astounded. European researchers were impressed and even dubbed it as the “most potent skin regenerating oil”- all thanks to a french nun who used the oil to treat various skin conditions.

You may ask, “What in the w...