5 Reasons Why You Should Use Toners


Every morning when you wake up, you wash your face with soap, hoping to remove excess makeup from last night’s date and the dirt you got from going to places.

Is it enough? No. You need something more. You need a toner.

You most probably have seen this in a drugstore, grocery, or in a hypermarket which is usually ignored or walking passed by it — or maybe you just don’t know what it is.

Here’s another one that you should add to your list of beauty products. Facial toner.

Why should we use toners?

  • Detoxification - Even after washing, your face still has dirt. Toners remove oil buildup, dead skin cells, and toxins acquired from polluted air and other chemical residues from your skin. Hence, it gives you a cleaner, and brighter skin.
  • Balances skin pH - After cleansing the face with soap, our skin pH gets disturbed. This is because the soap’s alkaline nature isn’t compatible with our normally acidic skin (pH 5 to 6). Without using toner, our cells will have to work overtime to restore our pH balance.
  • Tighten the pores - Enlarged facial pores attracts more dirt in the skin, creating an oily face. Toners provide protection by shrinking skin pores allowing fewer dirt to enter your skin. The result? A smooth and luminous appearance.
  • Reduces Acne - By freeing your face from dirt, oil buildup, and excess chemicals, toners reduces the amount of acne you already have and inhibits future breakouts.
  • Maintains skin elasticity - Toners hydrate the skin which gives a fresher effect. Toners fight aging by properly hydrating the skin for a healthy and youthful appearance. It’s also a good base for applying cosmetics.

Our Beauty Pick

Now that you know how a toner works, all you need is a bottle of Witch Hazel toner by V&M Naturals!

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Spray it directly on your face or use cotton (balls/pads) — it works both ways! It enhances skin texture, moisturizes, and removes unpleasant acne blemishes — giving you a beautifully smooth and glowing skin.

Let’s get spritzy witches!

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