About us

Brand Story

Established in 2008 through an online platform called Multiply, V&M Naturals started with a need. Suffering from severe psoriasis, Jamie’s cousin tried out several steroidal medications but none of them took effect until one of her relatives from Australia recommended the use of a natural product, the Emu Oil, derived from adipose tissue harvested from certain subspecies of the emu, a flightless bird indigenous to Australia.

After a week of application, there was a significant improvement on the skin that steroidal and chemical medications could not offer. It is here where the big idea took place - to start a business that could help people suffering various skin problems through the use of a natural product, the Emu Oil.

Ten years after, the company that started with one employee, Jamie, herself, has eleven physical stores and continuing to expand this year. In a span of ten years, the company has grown to at least fifty employees who are ready to spread the goodness of their all-natural products and advocacies.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to give back to the Earth and its people by utilizing the environment’s goodness as we strongly support its growth and advancement while keeping and restoring a waste-free community and planet.

We constantly formulate products made of all-natural ingredients that promote wellness for a healthier skin, body, and mind that will encourage people around the world to make the healthy switch as we create a thriving work environment with a culture that promotes growth for the all the employees and undertake efforts for environment sustainability to empower them to lead better lives. V&M Naturals continues to strive to be the best company to advocate beauty and wellness through all-natural products and essentials by being true to who we are as we continuously hone our craft by seeking the best ingredients and technologies to launch for the benefit of the people and environment.