About Us


Established by Jamie Faith Tan in 2008 through an online platform called Multiply, V&M Naturals started with a need. Suffering from severe psoriasis, Jamie’s cousin tried out several steroidal medications but none of them took effect until one of her relatives from Australia recommended the use of a natural product, the Emu Oil, derived from adipose tissue harvested from certain subspecies of the emu, a flightless bird indigenous to Australia.

After a week of application, there was a significant improvement on the skin that steroidal and chemical medications could not offer. It is here where the big idea took place - to start a business that could help people suffering various skin problems through the use of a natural product, the Emu Oil.

Eleven years after, the company that started with one employee, Jamie, has five physical stores and is still expanding. In a span of eleven years, V&M's naturals' product line that started with Emu Oil has now grown to 140 products that aim to provide holistic wellness for all.




We are a socially and environmentally responsible company that utilizes the earth’s goodness while producing products that will benefit mankind, providing growth and advancement for the people who work for and with the company all while maintaining the least harmful environmental impact that will make this world livable for generations to come.


We are the leading all-natural cosmetic company in Southeast Asia that adheres to global standards, advocates eco sustainability and creates thriving communities giving hope to achieve holistic wellness.