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Many people strive for flawlessly white skin. But given our hectic lifestyle, this remains only a dream. Furthermore, your overexposure to the sun, stress, environmental pollution, and prolonged use of chemical-based cosmetics products cause the skin to become dark and dull.

Additionally, the market is flooded with skin-lightening products, which contain harmful chemicals that eventually damage the skin instead of making it healthier.

Our #BrightenNotWhiten campaign encourages people to opt for products made only with natural ingredients. Whether you are looking for a lighter complexion or something that could even out skin tone, our products ensure visible results within just a few weeks of regular application.

  1. Underarmour Acai + Mulberry and Underarmour Aloe Tea + Licorice Mint

Both of these deodorants moisturize and brighten the skin without inhibiting its important functions. Underarmour Aloe + Licorice Mint suits people with an active lifestyle because it has naturally sourced Potassium alum that combat odor-causing bacteria.

On the other hand, for people who want a more potent lightening ingredient, Underarmour Acai + Mulberry is your best bet. It carries powerful brightening agents that effectively brighten your underarms. Fortified with the miracle worker, Emu Oil, each of these goodies can alleviate your embarrassing chicken skin. Spritz day and night for a refreshing feeling.

  1. CPC + G Oil
Creative Shots Part 3_CPC+GOilSolo.jpg

Our robust lightening item! Brewed with a blend of calamansi, papaya, camellia japonica and grapefruit extract, this concoction not only effectively brightens the skin but also deliver the nutritive vitamins A, C, E, potassium, and other essential minerals that shape a healthier complexion.

  1. ExfoBomb ADVNM_Like&Share_Exfobomb2 This no-rinse exfoliating salve is beeswax-based. It casts away your dead skin cells, to give way to a healthier fully moisturized skin. Blended in a rich mixture of balsamic oils, butters, and potent extracts, it thoroughly hydrates and seal moisture into your skin.

  1. Bikini Bomb ADVNM_OnlineSaleAug14-19_8

This highly moisturizing salve banishes epidermal skin without visible shedding, thanks to its micro-peeling effect. Suppler, hydrated, and firmer skin with a pinkish glow takes the place of dull, dead skin. You can use it on your dark elbows, bikini area, knees, armpit, nape, neck, and works even on old scars!

  1. Eternal Pearl

This face cream is a double agent. It does the job of a primer and moisturizer. Tapped with the mood-lifting indigo plant, renewing pearl powder, and pore-firming wheat, a well-boosted, brighter, and improved skin is guaranteed. Aside from thoroughly hydrating the skin, it rejuvenates, supports collagen production, soothes inflammation, detoxifies, and protects the skin against the sun to reach an overall luminous glow that can be seen as early as 2 weeks.

See, you don’t need expensive chemicals that can potentially ruin your beautiful skin. There are many products that can work on your skin naturally and effectively without putting a hole in your pocket, or worse, skin.

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3 Myths About Shaving For Men

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Basically, shaving is easy. You just get your razor and drag it across your face — job done!


A really good and close shave take a bit more than just a razor and a mirror.

We’ve debunked 3 myths about shaving for men

Myth #1: All you need is water and some soap.

Fact: Not really. Ordinary soaps tend to dry our skin. Shaving foams like Shades of Shave lubricates your skin for easy shaving. It acts as a layer of protection to effectively avoid nicks and cuts.

Myth #2: You could just simply razor out your stubble.

Fact: No! You’re just asking for wounds and possible light bleeding. Shades of Shave softens the skin for a closer shave. It glides the razor over the skin smoothly to prevent cuts.

Myth #3: It’s bad for your skin.

Fact: So not true! It actually makes your skin smooth as it removes dead skin cells. Shades of Shave works in two ways. It’s both a facial foam cleanser and a shaving foam.

It does not only remove dirt from your face or lubricates your skin for smoother shaving, it also softens the skin, diminishes irritation, and inflammation. Lastly, it contains orange extract which keeps you cool and energized wash after wash.

Men have various ways of shaving. Some do it dry, some like it wet. But not all of us shave right.

May you rest in peace, myths. Did these help clear some of your questions?

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