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Chappy Moments: A Super Easy and A Proven Effective Way to Heal Those Lips

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You always apply your lip balm but that doesn’t mean it is fulfilling its job to moisturize your lips. It’s actually still dry. You can clearly feel it chapping. Has this ever happened to you?

Kiss those dry moments goodbye!


Smooch Lip Detox by V&M Naturals

This best selling product has proven its effectiveness time and time again by the people we trust the most ― our clients. This petroleum-free emollient actively improves your lips’ texture. As well as thoroughly moisturizes chapped and bleeding skin. Plus, it protects your lips from the sun resulting to a healthier, moisturized lips.

“This gave me a healthier, more pinkish lips, as compared to my previous pale and smoker-like lips (disclaimer: i don’t smoke). But this visibly improved the color and texture of my lips. The chapping also disappeared. The minty feel is a plus. No more dry winter lips because of this balm. Everyone should try this. It's a Lip-saver!”, Mavi, an avid user of Smooch Lip Detox.

Lip Tips:

DON’T LICK your lips. No matter what. Licking your lips is never the solution to your dehydrated lips. When saliva evaporates, moisture goes with it which causes lips to be dehydrated.

DON’T PEEL the skin flakes off your lips. As tempting as it is, please don’t. It just creates wound, bleeding, and swelling. Additionally, removing your lips’ top protective layer will only decrease its healing time.

Your lips SHOULD NOT be reliant to your balm. If it is, it’s not a good sign and most lip balms contain irritating ingredients (as many do). Regular use of these make your skin too dry and sensitive to create their own protection. Hence, leaving you no choice but to rely more on them.

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