Pro Tip: How to Delay Hair Growth in the Underarm and Bikini Area


Tired of your fast-growing hair in embarrassing areas? Shaving could be a real chore. Especially if you have to do it repeatedly every week. Which is exactly the case with our underarm and bikini area.

Yes, the things we do for beauty.


But what if you were given the chance to lessen your trimming sessions? Instead of spending time preparing your torture devices (razor) and mixtures (hair removal waxes), you could save yourself from having another set of cuts!

Oh, the possibilities.

Sure, it just takes a couple of minutes. But that ‘little’ time could be spent surfing the net, finishing projects, or doing other productive tasks. Well, say no more!

Creative Shots 2 Part II_MiraclePromise.jpg

V&M Naturals got your back. Its Miracle Promise Bikini and Underarm Creme actively delays the growth of unwanted hair while effectively neutralizing unpleasant odors. This creme also helps remove dark spots; revealing a clearer, healthier,and luminous glow.

Now, you can flaunt in that sleeveless blouse you’ve been dying to put on. Say bye to sleeved shirts. Go, show off and steal the moment.

Do you have similar woes? Do you feel the same? Tell us! We’d love to hear it from you.

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