Skin Status: Feeling Itchy

oils.jpg If you have read our blog, “The birth of V&M Naturals” you’ll know that our company was founded by Jamie Faith Tan when she saw the need of Filipinos for natural remedies for their skin disorders and especially for the country’s lack of it. V&M Naturals promises to deliver a natural, healthy, and beautiful skin. In order to abide by this, we created products that could sooth eczema - a skin reaction suffered by many people with a skin condition.   Are you experiencing red patches on the skin that itch and eventually become irritated the more you scratch it? Sounds familiar? Eczema is a rash-like condition that is common in children but can also be seen in adults. In fact, we have elderly clients that have similar skin conditions.   Remember that eczema is not a single health condition but a term for a reaction pattern seen in many skin diseases. The common symptoms are having a dry, scaly, red and itching skin.   To this day, the specific cause of eczema is still yet to be found. Nevertheless, there are triggering factors that might show symptoms. It is thought to be connected to our body’s overactive response to the food we eat, irritants from shampoos, detergents, allergens, microbes, and abrupt changes in temperature.   No matter how much it itches, AVOID scratching your skin because it might cause infection. Instead, you can apply cool compress on it. You should also keep your skin healthy and moisturized daily with the application of oil-based creams or salves. They can help seal the moisture in the skin and prevent the flare-ups of symptoms.   Our Pure Active oils are created not only to remove wrinkles or lighten your skin. It is formulated with healing herbs and oils for especially for those suffering from different skin conditions. We promise to hold on to the same mission to deliver natural, healthy, and beautiful skin.   Eczema can go away over time. However, for some people, it is a permanent condition. There is no cure, but treatments are available to heal the affected skin and prevent the breakout of symptoms.   Want to see our Pure Active Oil line? Visit our official website, Facebook, or Instagram page. Are you in the vicinity? Drop by our stores in SM MOA, SM North EDSA, SM Mega Mall, SM Southmall, Ayala Malls The 30th, and our Fairview HQ.
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