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6 Reasons to Get Shades of Shave

You’re just less than 2 months away from Christmas! Have you planned your date yet? How about your holiday OOTD? Be sure that they’re set!   But the most important of all, how’s your complexion lately? Is it also holiday-ready?   Guys, it’s not just ladies who have to take care of their skin. It is essential that you do it too because of your active lifestyle. Speaking of which, why not try Shades of Shave? We know how you guys like things simplified that’s why it is made just for you! Creative Shots 2_ShadesOfShave2 Shades of Shave is like a double agent spy – it works as a face cleanser and shaving foam. Neat, right? Here are 6 active ingredients infused in this dual purpose product that ensures you an irresistible look.  

  1.    Bioflavonoids – Also called as vitamin P, Bioflavonoids largely helps in collagen formation as it is needed for tissue growth and repair. Furthermore, it has anti-inflammatory properties that promote wound healing.
  2.    Coffee – More specifically, Arabic coffee. Not only do cups of coffee energize us in the morning, it can also boost our complexion for a brighter skin. A night owl? Perfect! Coffee has high antioxidant properties that do not only protect your skin from further sun damage but also help reduce those dark bags under your eyes.
  3.    Broccoli – Broccoli has a unique organic compound that regenerates your sun-damaged skin. It also contains essential vitamins that brings life to lackluster skin and anti-inflammatory factors that can soothe irritated pores.
  4.    Patchouli Oil – This oil stimulates the healing process of wounds and reduces the appearance of scars effectively (goodbye acne marks!). It is also capable of protecting skin against notorious infections.
  5.    Sandalwood Oil – One of the best things that sandalwood offers is a baby butt soft skin. It effectively firms the skin to provide a youthful and supple appearance. Sandalwood also offers clearer complexion by combatting acne and preventing its further onslaught while giving your skin an attractive glow.
  6.    Sweet Orange Oil – A powerful anti-ager. This essential oil competently increases your dexterity to absorb vitamin C, produce collagen, and blood flow which are essential in smoothing wrinkles and fine lines. Besides from saving your skin from premature aging, it also repairs ruined skin caused by the sun and other noxious factors.

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Catch the Ladies’ Attention in 3 Steps

Men like to keep it simple when it comes to skincare. Just a little splash of water in the morning, some soap and they’re out the door.

If you’re like this, you need to step up your game. Although your skin is naturally thicker than the ladies', it does not mean that you can skip your daily rituals. Why? 1: Anyone is susceptible to the vicious acne. We’re not suggesting that you buy a pile of products that you would end up not using. Instead, just get items that you need. Piece of cake, right?

Step 1: Lather up

And not just with any soap that’s available on your bathroom counter. Many cleansers today already offer various benefits. Choose one that can make your tired skin rejuvenated and one that has competent fighting skills in combatting acne.

Creative Shots 2_ShadesOfShave2.jpg

Something like Shades of Shave. What is it really? A foaming cleanser doubles up as a shaving foam to soften your stubble for shaving and adds up a layer of protection against nicks and cuts.

Step 2: DON’T forget your moisturizer

Yes, you need this just as any other guy does. Moisturizing is indispensable. It deposits essential nourishment on your skin. A healthy, glowing skin is that one thing that makes ladies take a second lingering glance on a guy.

Creative Shots Part 3_NakedTruth.jpg

Make the girls swoon with Naked Truth. It brings back your lackluster skin to life, blocks the production of stress hormones, and protects the skin from sun damage. A small blob of this face creme is enough for an all-day freshness and dashing look.

Step 3: DON’T run away from sunscreen:

Never think of applying sunscreen as a hassle. We know how much trouble it is for you to carry an umbrella around unless it is raining, so give your skin some love by daily application of sunscreen. With the amount of time you spend basking under the scorching heat of the sun, absorbing not just the nutrients but also the noxious elements of the sun, your skin must be crying a river.

Creative Shots 2_Keepsafe.jpg

Keep your skin safe from further harm caused by the sun with Keep Safe Sunscreen. It repairs and tightens your skin and has a natural tint that blends well to conceal dark spots, tired undereyes and blemishes. Plus, it does not feel heavy on your skin.

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3 Myths About Shaving For Men

Creative Shots 2_ShadesOfShave1.jpg

Basically, shaving is easy. You just get your razor and drag it across your face — job done!


A really good and close shave take a bit more than just a razor and a mirror.

We’ve debunked 3 myths about shaving for men

Myth #1: All you need is water and some soap.

Fact: Not really. Ordinary soaps tend to dry our skin. Shaving foams like Shades of Shave lubricates your skin for easy shaving. It acts as a layer of protection to effectively avoid nicks and cuts.

Myth #2: You could just simply razor out your stubble.

Fact: No! You’re just asking for wounds and possible light bleeding. Shades of Shave softens the skin for a closer shave. It glides the razor over the skin smoothly to prevent cuts.

Myth #3: It’s bad for your skin.

Fact: So not true! It actually makes your skin smooth as it removes dead skin cells. Shades of Shave works in two ways. It’s both a facial foam cleanser and a shaving foam.

It does not only remove dirt from your face or lubricates your skin for smoother shaving, it also softens the skin, diminishes irritation, and inflammation. Lastly, it contains orange extract which keeps you cool and energized wash after wash.

Men have various ways of shaving. Some do it dry, some like it wet. But not all of us shave right.

May you rest in peace, myths. Did these help clear some of your questions?

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