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We Tried Eternal Pearl for a Week and This is What Happened
21-c Our latest release, Eternal Pearl Pore-Perfecting Face Creme, has authentic pearl powder known for its revitalizing properties; activating skin renewal and elasticity. Combined with wheat and wild indigo plant, it gently detoxifies, reduces pore size, and inhibits melanin production while stopping the formation of dark age spots. It promotes the production of uplifting endorphins for an overall refreshed, luminous, youthful, and clearer complexion. Or so it says on the label. As they say, to see is to believe. Three brave women with different skin types, skin tones, and skin issues took the challenge of proving whether they can achieve a PEARLfect skin, which Eternal Pearl promises to deliver. We documented the changes in their complexion for a week and the results are simply… Spectacular.   EternalPearl_Trial_Fair.jpg Sheila, our 21-year-old Human Resource Officer has always been bothered by her dry and sensitive skin. It also looks flushed day in and day out. Premature lines are also forming on her young forehead due to dryness. Let’s not forget about her enlarged pores. [gallery ids="1052,1053,1054" type="slideshow"] 5 days in and Sheila got a nick on her right cheek. But still, she was not worried because Eternal Pearl is fortified with our star product, the skin-regenerating emu oil.
“I accidentally scratched my face while shopping; and though small, the wound was noticeable. I continued using Eternal Pearl and I noticed that it really did wonders not only in healing scars but also in lightening them! I am very happy with the result. Thank you, V&M Naturals, for creating such a miracle wonder product.”
After using Eternal Pearl, our HR Officer gladly shared that her skin felt firmer and her ‘always blushing’ face finally toned down. She conveyed her happy skin story to us,
“I felt that it really tightened my skin – in a good way. I noticed the glow it gave me and my pores visibly shrunk. I will still continue using it because it really has a great effect on my skin.”
  EternalPearl_Trial_Medium.jpg Melanie, our Content Writer desperately wants to solve her tired-looking skin. After a long day at work, plus the 2-hour journey from her home to the office and vice versa, she can feel exhaustion pulling at her skin. No amount of moisturizing creams can solve the issue. Until Eternal Pearl.
“I used to dislike examining my skin in the mirror because it always looked really tired, thirsty, and REALLY oily. But after using Eternal Pearl, I just can’t tear my gaze away from my face. Really! I would even go as far to say that I look in love! My skin clearly became more supple and rejuvenated.”
[gallery ids="1060,1061" type="slideshow"] Besides her sluggish appearance, our 21-year-old Morena sweetheart feels perturbed her acne and oily face woe. Luckily, Eternal Pearl got her back.
“I also had a 2-week old pimple on my forehead, which had no signs of leaving anytime soon. I was a bit hesitant to put Eternal Pearl on it at first because I had an experience with another moisturizer that aggravated my pimple. Contrary to what I expected, it dried up my breakout in less than a week and I had not experienced another breakout since then. What’s more, I no longer have to retouch after every few hours because of my really oily skin. I can now spend the whole day not touching my face powder. And I was a certified powder person.”
  EternalPearl_Trial_Deep.jpg For a deep skin tone, we have Sette who wants to reveal the glow to replace her usual dull and flaky skin. She took the challenge to the next level, and for 7 days, she started going to work WITHOUT any makeup on.
“Before using Eternal Pearl, I couldn't step out of the house without makeup because I look really dull and there are many uneven patches on my skin. But ever since I started using Eternal Pearl, I gained the confidence to go out bare-faced. The plus factor is that a small amount can already cover your whole face.”
[gallery ids="1066,1067" type="slideshow"] Our charming deep-skinned Business Development Officer remarked in an impressed voice,
“After using Eternal Pearl, my skin was soooo soft. I don’t even need to put on make-up, Eternal Pearl is THAT good. I didn’t put on any makeup for the past week, and still, my face never felt any dryness or roughness. Whenever I wake up in the morning, I feel really moisturized. Gone was the dryness.”
Even her friends have taken notice of the changes,
“Eternal Pearl is my go-to moisturizer in an instant. My friends noticed how my face became smoother and my patches on my skin magically disappeared.”
“Eternal Pearl is really good if you want to moisturize your skin in an instant. Also, it makes the skin glow!! It removes unnecessary dirt and skin concern. Even the smell doesn’t faze me because of the effect it gives me.”
  Eternal Pearl Pore-Perfecting Face Crème was launched last September 22 in the market. Since then, more and more people are taking on the PEARLfection challenge, just like us. Not only does this act as a moisturizer, it also doubles as a primer to set your face ready for your cosmetic products. If you’re looking for a partner in this PEARLfection quest, get a bar of Royal Pearl soap and the PEARLfect victory is yours to take. If you still don’t believe us, why not try for yourself? Get one of this luscious bottle for yourself now! Visit our stores in SM MOA, SM Southmall, SM North EDSA, SM Megamall, Ayala Malls The 30th, or our HQ Fairview. For more convenience, order through our official website, Facebook, or Instagram account.
5 Reasons Why You Can't Skip Moisturizing

Some think that facial moisturizing is only for the vainest or only for people with dry-as-the-Sahara skin type. It is important however, for all of us to understand that it is a daily essential.

The basic use of a moisturizer is that it keeps our skin hydrated so we don’t look tired or unkempt. Another is to build a natural protection for our skin. Are those all a moisturizer could do? No. We corrected 2 of the most common myths about facial moisturizing for you. Read on.

“I’m already oily, so I don’t need it” Wrong. Whenever you wash your face, you strip off its natural oils, leaving it dry and vulnerable to allergens and antigens. Moisturizer helps bring back and seal your skin’s natural moisture to prevent epidermal drying and cracking.

“I’m acne-prone. It will make my breakouts worse!” No, it won’t. The right product will be your best friend! A moisturizer balances your skin to avoid breakouts that people with dry or oily skin are more prone to.

Now that we’ve cleared those myths, let’s move on to what you would miss if you skipped moisturizing.

You miss looking radiantly youthful. Your facial skin renews cells more often than your body. Not using a moisturizer would leave it vulnerable to dryness — making fine lines more noticeable. Daily moisturizing maintains your skin’s moisture level and prevents and removes wrinkles, hence firming your facial skin.

You miss getting the perfect canvas for fool-proof makeup application. To make your makeup products run smoothly on your skin, applying moisturizer is a must. It removes those little lines under your eyes that a concealer can’t, well, conceal.

You miss getting a brighter and supple complexion. That tight feeling after a shower? That’s your skin begging for hydration. You don’t want to feel dry yet oily all day, do you? Many moisturizing products promote skin firming as an added benefit while hydrating your skin.

You miss adding a layer of protection. Sucker for cosmetics? It usually contains harmful chemicals that easily enter your pores and wreak havoc on your skin unless you put on creams. It acts as a shield on top of your skin.

Assists your skin overnight. Your skin enters “repair mode” at night. By using creams with helpful nutrients, you help your skin do a better job at renewing your cells. Plus, you’ll wake up feeling visibly fresh and hydrated.

To not fall short on these myriad of benefits only a moisturizer can do, we recommend our PEARLfect product – Eternal Pearl Pore-Perfecting Face Creme


The youngest yet in our line! Eternal Pearl enters the scene to let you experience PEARLfection like never before.

Day and Night, stimulate collagen production with its creamy blend of luminous pearl powder for skin renewal and elasticity. Combined with pore-perfecting wheat to target age spots and mood-lifting wild indigo plant, it promotes a well-boosted and renewed skin appearance. Together, these 3 ingredients form a formidable bond resulting in a youthful, lucid, and radiant complexion.

Do you have skin concerns? Ask us. We’d love to help you!

To know more about our products, visit our official website, Facebook, or Instagram page. You can also go to our stores in SM MOA, SM North EDSA, SM Megamall, SM Southmall, Ayala Malls The 30th, and our HQ Fairview.

How Can Perfection Exist?
On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate yourself? More often than not, we place ourselves or another person as less or greater than the others. Someone is more perfect for the job, as a friend, or a lover. We have dream jobs, relationship, friendship, and a whole lot of other goals that we aspire to achieve someday of what we thought is the perfect situation. We have a classification for everything: from best to worst. That’s why we all strive to be the best versions of ourselves - one who isn’t flawed, a faultless character.   “Perfect.” A seven-letter word that shouldn’t even exist because it isn’t real. We know by heart that perfection is where someone or something is free from all flaws or defects. And that it is something that cannot be reached... ever. Because if something is “perfect”, it would make them different, making them “imperfect”. Knowing this, why are we still seeking it? As curious and clever beings, we like to bend the rules in order to find ways to be as close to perfection as possible. This word is so diverse - what is perfect for a person may vary to another. Skin tones are no exception. One color is desired while the other is mocked. What do we do? Make it so that your skin won’t be as disagreeable anymore.   “The world will see you the way you see you, and treat you the way you treat yourself” – Beyonce   The relentless quest for perfection creates problems. You are persistently trying to change, but never end up feeling good about yourself. Why? Because you accept the idea that you are not good enough and will never be. You are fine the way you are… with a little improvement. Don’t change a thing about you if it’s not making you happy. Instead, nurture what you have. And you’ll see the best of what you can be. Never think low of yourself. Be it mestiza, Morena, or dark, all shades are beautiful. Don’t think otherwise. Self-acceptance is vital to your well-being. Accept who you are and be proud of it.