Many people strive for flawlessly white skin. But given our hectic lifestyle, this remains only a dream. Furthermore, your overexposure to the sun, stress, environmental pollution, and prolonged use of chemical-based cosmetics products cause the skin to become dark and dull.

Additionally, the market...

10 Reasons Why Marula Oil Got the Beauty Experts Raving
advnm_marulaoil_1_720.jpg It’s time to meet the new beautifying product on the block: Marula Oil.   This wondrous oil is similar to the Argan Oil that we have grown to love, but with a little more extra. Well, a LOT more extra.  Given the nickname, “Africa’s beauty secret”, it is extracted from the nuts of the Marula tre...
3 Anti-Blemish Products that Works like Magic

Scars, marks, facial stains, defects, whatever you want to call it – don’t hide behind that mask of unappealing skin.

If you are the daredevil or adventurous type, chances are you are carrying an evidence or two of your escapades somewhere on your body. While it certainly is filled with memories, i...

Pure Active Oils: What You Can Get with Php1700


Due to the increasing costs of the raw materials used in the production of our oils, we have increased our prices to ensure the quality of our Pure Active Oils remains top notch. Many were surprised with the sudden change.

We want to show you the benefits and uses of our oils that our dear clients ...

A Japanese Skincare Secret Revealed
Japanese people are often described as having a gorgeous, radiant, and blemish-free skin that never seem to age. How do they manage to look so perfect?   Creative Shots 2 Part II_Tsubaki.jpg A Japanese beauty secret in having a youthful glow is now out in the open- Tsubaki Oil! Japanese men and women commonly use Tsubaki Oil to hyd...
The Bees and The Benefits


Ah, bees. Such wonderful and tireless workers.

Honey, being their well-received product, is also known for its curing abilities and skin care benefits. But it’s far from being the only beneficial one. Ever heard of beeswax?

Beeswax also has gifts for the skin just like honey.  Though edible, there...

FREE ExfoBomb Salve


ExfoBomb Salve is a beeswax-based no-rinse exfoliating salve. It adds a layer of protection on your skin against damages from environmental assaults. But unlike petroleum based goods, ExfoBomb allows your skin to breathe. It’s blended in a rich mixture of balsamic oils, butters, and potent extracts...

Emu Oil - V&M Naturals’ Star Product


Emu is the largest native bird of  Australia and the second largest in the world next to the ostrich. This flightless, soft-feathered, and brown friend can grow up to 2 meters (6.6 ft.) in height.

Although flightless, the oils we extract from this ancient specie is soaring high; benefiting nation a...