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3 Skin Whitening Ingredients to Avoid like a Plague

The history of skin whitening goes way, way back in Europe. To be exact, during the Elizabethan times, pale skin is a symbol of beauty, social standing, and wealth for both sexes. However, these are only for the wealthy. They would apply ceruse, a combination of vinegar and white lead, to every visible part of their skin. Additionally, they would even go as far as drawing lines on their neck and chest to mimic veins.

Hundreds of years later, it seems that we’re still in the same predicament. Fair skin is still the standard of beauty and undoubtedly desired by millions. Here in the Philippines, people with white skin are envied by many yet admired greatly. The ads that we see from when we were young molded our minds to think that our splendidly tan skin is dull and unappealing.

This is because the beauty industry strategically created ways for fair skin to become the norm. They hid important and dangerous factors that could potentially harm your health and focused on marketing the “perks” of having white skin. But facts are more available now, thanks to technology.

In just a few clicks (like what you did just now), it is now easier for you to make the right decision. Below is a list of ingredients found in many beauty products that you should never let your skin touch.

  1. Hydroquinone – The most popular whitening agent. It is a cytotoxic (toxic to cell) chemical found in some hair dyes and also in moisturizers, hair conditioners or facial cleansers. It is a very strong bleaching agent which contains a carcinogenic property and may cause hyperpigmentation and skin irritations. As a matter of fact, it has been banned as a skin lightener in Europe, Japan, and Australia. Continued use of products infused hydroquinone can create a blue-black darkening in some areas of the skin.
  2. Mercury – A poisonous chemical easily absorbed into the body but difficult to remove. It was used as a skin lightener but was banned because of its initial side effects like skin rashes, discoloration, and scarring. WHO advises that long-term exposure to mercury can also cause psychosis and damage to the kidneys and nervous system.

TIP: Do not use products with no label or list of ingredients. Products containing mercury have the words “Mercury”, “Mercurous Chloride”, “Mercuric”, “Mercurio”, or “Calomel”.

  1. Steroids – Yes, it’s not only for fast muscle building. High-dose steroids are unfortunately added in many whitening creams. Although it is useful in treating skin conditions, it can also cause serious damage. Topical corticosteroids constrict the blood vessels which creates a whiter skin appearance. This forms a domino effect. The narrowed vein slows down the blood flow and decelerates cell regeneration resulting to producing less melanin. Cutting back the normal speed at which our skin renews thins down epidermis with green veins showing on the skin. This thinning effect makes the skin more susceptible to chemical and environmental damage.

Are there any natural alternatives for skin whitening?

YES! But we call our products skin brighteners. It is proven by the people we trust the most – our clients – that all-natural product can deliver the same outcome without the vicious side effects of its chemical counterparts.

What to do now? Embrace our gorgeous caramel complexion and throw away those nasty jars and make the healthy switch. You don’t need whiter skin to look beautiful. Just brighter and glowing skin.


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