What it’s Like Wearing Makeup with and without Eternal Pearl

Living in a tropical country like ours, it’s almost impossible to last a day with a grease-free face.

That is not without trying. It seems like no matter the amount of oil control films you use or how many layering of mattifying cleanser + toner + moisturizer + foundation + powder you put on, somehow, oil can still find its way to your face.

To keep this sneaky and slippery excess sebum on a tight leash, use a primer. We know that we already put so much on our face. But the truth is, girl, you need this. Even the most beautiful and expensive makeup won’t stay for long without a base (yes, foundation is no longer the step 1 in cosmetology 101).

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These are 3 attractive ladies from our team without anything on (also who, on a normal day, wouldn’t be caught bare-faced.)

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For a perfect base, we use Eternal Pearl. It’s not just a moisturizer but also a primer.  We applied it to prep our skin for the day and give it a healthy glowing look. What we like about this is how it puts that glow on our faces without the greasy feel for a fresh look all day.

Putting Eternal Pearl to the test


We at V&M Naturals are also makeup junkies and have a problem of making it stay intact. Oftentimes, we have to retouch after every few hours. To see IF Eternal Pearl can really make our makeup last, we decided to wear makeup on different days, for the sake of testing – one without base and one with Eternal Pearl as a primer.

Makeup without Eternal Pearl

Some of us were not really used to putting on makeup without a base because we already know what will happen. But for you, we’ll do it. The pictures below are us without Eternal Pearl. Straight on cosmetics. Let us tell you this: it won’t happen again. [gallery ids="1263,1264,1265" type="slideshow"]

The result: The foundation won’t even cling to our skin. We had to repeatedly swipe the brush and apply layers upon layers of makeup just so we could have some of it stay on our face. Our skin feels tight. Like Sahara dry. We look really dull and upon closeup look, we’re crazy flaky. We can’t wait to wash our face and apply Eternal Pearl. At the end of the day, our makeup is long gone and our skin looks dull and just tiiired.

Makeup with Eternal Pearl

After slathering Eternal Pearl on our face, we applied V&M Minerals Makeup and continued on with our tasks.

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The result: Application of foundation is very easy. For the lipstick, we blended Hot Peach Blush with Smooch Lip Detox so that only nutrients enter our lips. Despite the glowing look Eternal Pearl gives, it doesn’t feel oily at all and the skin feels silky soft. All the pores seem to have gone into hiding. The best part? It prolongs the wear of our cosmetics! We don’t have to retouch until it’s time to go home (7:00 PM) and even then we still look fresh as if we haven’t battled our way through our workloads.


Even the most beautiful and expensive makeup can look bad without a base. Get your gleam on with Eternal Pearl. It has a non-greasy texture that puts a glow to ALL skin tones that shows even after applying layers of makeup.

Get one of this luscious bottle for yourself now! Visit our stores in SM MOA, SM Southmall, SM North EDSA, SM Megamall, Ayala Malls The 30th, or our HQ Fairview. Want more convenience? Order through our official websiteFacebook, or Instagram account.
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