Don’t Forget These Essential Oils On Your Next Trip

Travelling is one of the most enjoyable things that we can experience. Unfortunately, this can be someone’s nightmare. That is fairly understandable because there are so many factors that contribute to travel, as many unexpected things also happen. So, the best we can do is to really prepare for it.
Here are five essential oils you shouldn’t leave behind when wandering outdoors.

1. Peppermint

Going from one place to another may involve a lot of time spent traversing uneven roads, turbulent air, or angry seas and all of these can cause motion sickness. For these kinds of incidents, Peppermint Oil is your best option as it has a calming effect on the stomach, alleviating nausea. Moreover, one drop of this on a tissue and put under the seat can also help in preventing travel sickness.


2. Eucalyptus

Getting stuck in traffic is already bad enough but this becomes worse during summertime. To keep both your body and mind cool during these times, put one drop of Eucalyptus Oil on a cotton ball, on the car floor, and away from heat. This will not only give a refreshing feel but also relax drivers and passengers alike. Meanwhile, longer journeys require alertness that can be achieved with two drops of this diluted Eucalyptus Oil in morning baths.


3. Lavender

For some, flying on an airplane gives them the freedom of a bird. For others, it can be the very cause of their brain becoming chaotic. If you’re one of these people, always have some Lavender Oil with you because it can be the very thing that saves you from a dreadful anxiety attack. Just put one drop of this and another of geranium oil on a tissue then put it in a resealable bag. When you start to feel anxious, hold this to your nose, inhale deeply, and relax.


4. Chamomile

There are two types of airplane passengers: those who carry children and those who’ve had enough of their noise. To ease this discomfort, mix 5 drops of Chamomile Oil in 15ml of a light carrier oil. This formula would be used to massage the child’s feet and legs to help them calm down.


5. Lemongrass

You wouldn’t have to suffer from jet lag as much as you used to with the help of a few essential oils, including Lemongrass Oil. Before your journey, take a bath with 2 drops of this and rosemary oil in the morning. Once you arrive at your destination, put one drop each of lavender and geranium oils before going to bed. Continue this routine until you see the diminished effects of jet lag.

Now, travelling wouldn’t be such a big hassle as you carry these five essential oils in your luggage. What’s more, if you purchase them this month of April, you get them at a 20% discount! So, hurry and get them all before your next trip!



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