Alcohol: The Infamous Skincare Ingredient You Should Avoid

Over and over we have pointed out the importance of proper skin care. That, although, regimens may differ from one person to another, what’s essential is we do it to achieve a clear, glowing, and healthy complexion. Moreover, it is also necessary that we know the very things we put on our skin as they may be doing more harm than good.

Just like alcohol, an ingredient incorporated in most skin care products like toners, astringents, and makeup removers. We think it provides benefits to our skin but it really doesn’t. Here are just some of the ways alcohol can damage your complexions.

It causes skin dehydration.

The use of alcohol can cause the skin to wrinkle and sag as it impairs the skin cells’ ability to retain water and strips away their natural acid mantle.

It causes irreparable skin degeneration.

Using skincare products with alcohol content can destruct the skin’s protective barrier, making it vulnerable to irritations, infections, and allergies. Continued use of such products can cause permanent deterioration of skin cells until they eventually die.

It causes acne formation.

Alcohol in skincare products can cause acne in two ways. First, is by stripping the skin of its natural oils that would trigger excess oil production and lead to breakouts. The second is by clogging the pores, as what fatty alcohol does, which also leads to acne formation.

Unfortunately, alcohol is still mixed in so many skin care products despite all its bad effects on the skin. And an overhaul of these products won’t happen anytime soon. So, the best thing that we can do is look at a product’s ingredients and see for ourselves if it has alcohol so we can use a better alternative.

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