The Birth of an Acne

Waking up with yet another pimple on your face is one of the most stressful things that can happen. Especially if it sprouts on a big day, what a hassle! That’s when you wonder if it was the fried chicken you ate last night, skipping your skin care regimen the other day, sleeping late 3 days in a row last week to meet that deadline, or all of these things combined. So, which of these theories is close to the real reason you’re breaking out?

The answer to the question of why pimples are formed is fairly simple. Once there is excessive production of natural sebum in hair follicles, pores become clogged and blocked when it collects dead skin cells, debris, and bacteria. Aside from this, there a number of other factors that contribute to break outs.


  1. Hormones & Genetics

The most common cause of acne is hormonal change, when androgen levels rise usually during puberty. Due to this, glands become enlarged and produce excess oil that is basically the start of a pimple’s formation. Moreover, genetics also play a part in breakouts since genes have an impact on skin sensitivity. It has been shown in studies that people who are acne-prone have a strong inflammatory response to irritants and bacteria compare to those who do not share the same skin issue. Additionally, this factor proves why people pass their puberty can still get acne.


  1. Makeup

The question of whether makeup contributes to the appearance of acne is still highly debated since some face issues regarding the matter while others do not. For those prone to acne, it is recommended that they use non-comodogenic products or those that do not clog the pores. Although this matter depends from one person to another, it is still advised that you clean your face of cosmetics as the day ends.


  1. Friction or pressure on skin

Always touching your skin, picking on it, or pricking any acne can worsen its condition or leave a scar. In line with this, it is imperative that anything you use that may be in contact to your skin has to be cleaned to prevent bacteria growth. These things include the likes of cellphones, clothes, brushes, and the like. Also, bear in mind that when you clean your face, scrub it as gently as possible since heavy pressure can irritate the skin and any blemish already present.


  1. Poor Diet

Diet is also debated when it comes to the topic of whether or not it contributes to the formation of acne. This is because some has reported having worsen the state of their skin after consuming too much greasy food or dairy products. Although there is still so much research needed to prove this claim, it is never wrong to have a balanced as we all know, your skin is only a reflection of how healthy your body actually is.


  1. Stress

Acne can appear due to stress since high levels of this can signal adrenal glands to produce androgen, which leads to the production of excessive sebum. It can also lengthen pimples’ development, make them more severe, and make them look red and inflamed. It is advised people do exercise, meditation, and have enough sleep to alleviate stress.


You have to remember that prevention is still so much better than treatment. And because we have control over most of these factors, then we should be diligent in making sure that we do the things that would benefit us the most and avoid those that can hinder in achieving that clear, radiant skin that we all covet.



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