Pure Active Oils: What You Can Get with Php1700


Due to the increasing costs of the raw materials used in the production of our oils, we have increased our prices to ensure the quality of our Pure Active Oils remains top notch. Many were surprised with the sudden change.

We want to show you the benefits and uses of our oils that our dear clients would miss if we didn’t make this hard decision.

This is what 2-3 drops of our Pure Active Oils can do to your skin.



  1. Soothes the skin – Can calm various skin conditions that many products can’t. These oils prevent triggers from happening so that you can go out confidently and not feel embarrassed or uncomfortable.
  2.  Anti-aging – Enriched with antioxidant properties that help fight signs of aging for faster skin renewal and boost elasticity.
  3. Anti-inflammatory – Our oils heals acne from invading your beautiful skin and cools down other forms of inflammation.
  4. Antibacterial – It can protect the skin against infection to speed up wound healing and skin cell regeneration.
  5. Removes scars – You name it: acne marks, keloidal scars, post-surgical scars, or 10-year old flaws. We have oils to flatten and lighten these blemishes.
  6. Unclogs pores – Got clogged pores that are filled with whiteheads and blackheads? We have oils that wipe those away from your pores.
  7. Treats swollen muscles – They comfort your bloated muscles.
  8.   Reduces cellulite – Do you have areas on your body plagued with tiny dimples? Say no more.
  9. Removes warts – Fun fact: Frogs don’t really cause warts. Nevertheless, we have just the right product to remove that unpleasant dark solid bumps on your skin.
  10. Shrinks pores – Enlarged pores invite all kinds of bacteria and dirt into your skin. Close those tiny pores using our oils
  11. Oil control – Ironic, isn’t? An oil preventing regulating production of another oil. But we strive to make the impossible happen.
  12. Moisturize – Our Pure Active Oils are 5 times highly penetrative compared to others. They sink deeper and thoroughly moisturizes our skin.


  1.  Primer – Use it as a base to prep your face and make application of makeup easier.
  2.  Moisturizer – Guaranteed to moisturize the skin even those with seemingly ‘hopeless’ case.
  3. The secret ingredient in your other beauty products – YES, you can mix our oils to your shampoo, conditioner, hair mask, moisturizing creams, lotions, toners, facial wash, you name it.

What would you rather buy, a less expensive product with doubtful capabilities or a product with a slightly higher price but filled to the brim with benefits?

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