Marula Challenge: After Trying this Product, this Woman bought 3 bottles of Marula Oil for Herself

When did you stop putting the age on your cake when it’s your birthday? The number of candles on your tasty pastry is not the only thing that determines how fast you age. Your lifestyle, diet, and a number of environmental aggressors that you face daily play a vital role in the aging process. Aside from the sun's harm, it’s been proven that environmental assailants like pollution, smoke, artificial heating and cooling, and the weather such as wind, heat, and cold actually doubles the rate at which skin ages. In fact, these irritants are the number one cause of aging, accounting 80% of it. [gallery ids="1241,1242,1243,1244,1245,1246,1247" type="slideshow"] Flor, a 65-year old housewife is a fan of beauty products (because no one is ever too old to look beautiful). That’s why we invited her to try our newest baby – Marula Oil, for a week and see how it works.
When we urged her to use it for a week she looks happy, “I was more excited than being skeptic since it is an all-natural product. I like to believe that it will bring wonders to my skin and was really hoping Marula oil will erase my age lines”.
The first time she applied it, Flor didn’t really feel anything and just hoped that “it would bring good results”. After a week of continuous use, she observed changes that delighted her,
“I felt my skin tightening, especially around my eyes, forehead, and upper nose bridge. Even the black spots on my left cheek lightened.”
The people around her noticed this transformation and commented about how she looks younger now and, dare we say, blooming.
“I was not expecting to see as many changes especially for only 7 days. I can’t wait to have another lunch out with my friends and gush about my new favorite product. Surely, I will recommend it to them. It’s worth every centavo spent.”
We also noticed during our talk with Flor how she visibly looks fresh now that she’s entrusted her skin with Marula Oil. She no longer has the haggard look of a woman who has forgotten to look after her skin. She expresses her happiness by ensuring that she has 3 bottles of Marula Oil all just for herself.   With Marula Oil’s reputation as the elixir of youth, we can’t really blame her. Can we?   Who's up for Marula Challenge? We dare you to try it for yourselves.   Get one of this luscious bottle for yourself now! Visit our stores in SM MOA, SM Southmall, SM North EDSA, SM Megamall, Ayala Malls The 30th, or our HQ Fairview. Want more convenience? Order through our official websiteFacebook, or Instagram account.
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