Go Shave November – Because Beards Aren't for Everyone

Brace yourselves, the beards are coming.   It started out as something meaningless, just for fun. College kids on the west would let their facial hair grow when November comes around. After all, it’s a chilling season – a perfect excuse not to shave. But the Hill family gave meaning to this custom otherwise. In memory of their deceased father who died of colon cancer, they started an organization that encourages men to grow their facial hair and women to let their legs' hair growth go natural. The charity wants to teach its participants to cherish something, which cancer patients helplessly lose. They urge people to, instead of spending money on hair-removal products and treatments, donate it to the American Cancer Society and raise awareness.   This became a custom across the USA, and soon, other countries followed. While this is a good cause and fitting for countries that experience winter, we think it isn't applicable to everyone especially in the Philippines. Even though you never forget to bathe or at least shower daily, it does not mean that your beard gets cleaned up thoroughly too. Studies suggest that facial hair can be about as clean as a toilet (and we all know how clean these are). For a tropical country like ours, whose weather is predominantly humid throughout the year, the idea of not shaving arises problems such as issues related to hygiene. With all the sweat and pollution we're facing on a daily basis, we'll never really know what’s in there. Do we? Yikes. That’s not the only thing you guys have to worry about. If you’re thinking that you can grow a luscious field of beard, mustache, or a combination of both in just a month, you’re dead wrong. According to Beardaholic, facial hair can grow about half an inch a month on average. You wouldn’t be able to catch a lady’s attention with weird patches of hair growing here and there with just that amount of time in your hands. But before you even go thinking about those things, first consider these factors. Can you grow one? Or would it even suit you? Truth is, not everyone is cut out for a beard. It might be in your DNA, which refuses to let you grow one.   You can support good causes and still be able to sport a clean-cut shave. There are many organizations out there with the same mission and people trying to help that you can get involved in without having to change how you look now.   You can also visit our websiteFacebook, and Instagram account to know more about our products. For daily beauty tips, make sure to follow our Twitter account. Want to try our products? Drop by our stores in SM MOA, SM Megamall, SM Southmall, SM North EDSA, Ayala Malls The 30th, or our Fairview HQ.

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