Coffee: More Than A Morning Booster

Are you one of those people who is frightening in the morning before taking their cup of coffee? Well, who isn’t right? The thing with coffee is that it doesn’t just perk you up when you need your energy to get through a critical deadline. In fact, studies have already proven that, when consumed in moderation, coffee has the ability to promote good health and prevent illness. And what’s even better news is that it has great effects on the skin and hair as well!

Know some of its benefits for your look:

  1. Coffee is rich in antioxidants that have the ability to protect the skin, boost its natural defenses and repair damage by UV exposure. It can also preserve skin cell energy due to its free-radical properties.

  1. It plays a significant role in regulating cell rejuvenation that leads to retained hydration and increase in skin elasticity.

  1. It has anti-inflammatory properties that can prevent pigmentation and irritation, as well as  reduce puffiness. Caffeine also diminishes the accumulation of blood under the eyes that contribute to dark shadows.

  1. It contains Caffeic Acid, which can boost collagen production, for a smoother, plumper and younger-looking skin.

Learn how your hair can profit from coffee:

  1. The acidity in coffee aids in smoothening the hair’s cuticle and giving it extra shine.

  1. Caffeine is able to stimulate hair roots, triggering stronger growth, and preventing hair loss.

I bet knowing these additional benefits from coffee is making you itch to get a hold of skin care products with such ingredients. Well, you’re in luck because we have 5 items that are just that!

Now, you can make sure that you get clear, glowing skin AND smooth, healthy hair with the help of your morning booster: coffee.


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