Bespoke Fragrances: Be One With Nature

Smelling great can contribute to feeling great, which is basically the reason perfumes exist. But what makes ours different from other brands is the fact all scents are reminiscent of nature. This in turn makes for a more refreshing feel with their aroma lasting for LONG HOURS?

Don’t believe me? Then let these reviews speak for themselves.

Green Aloes & Tea


“Green Aloes and Tea is perfect for me as it improves my mood and keeps me feeling fresh. The scent lasts a good 7-8 hours so one bottle will last a long time. It has a good, sturdy packaging that is travel friendly. I bring this with me everywhere”


Lesley, 34 

Flora & Blue Seas


“Another V&M Naturals fragrance fab find! I initially got intrigued with its description, the scent of sea breeze. Being a beach lover, I immediately order 1 and found the scent very nice. It’s not overpowering and lasts quite long. Liking it, have also sent 1 bottle to my fellow beach lover and bff. She said she also liked how it settles on her!”


Alma, 38 

Iris & Incense


“Super love the scent! I never told my husband I'd changed the scent I am wearing but he noticed right away because he said it smells so good on me. It reminds me of clean, fresh just-got-out-of-the-shower scents. Smells powdery and fresh. I spray it even when I am just staying home. I would buy again even after finishing the 2 bottles I hoarded.”


Celene, 35 

Nectarine Comb Dews


“This fragrance has a very refreshing smell. It reminds me so much of how nature smells in the morning and brings about a relaxing mood. I love the lightness and the hint of sensuality in this perfume.”


Alma, 38 

Oranges Brulee


“I love the scent since it's citrus but with I hint of baby powder. I'm not entirely sure how to describe it and I would've liked a stronger citrus scent but I love using it. It lasts longer than my other perfumes and doesn't give me the dizzying feeling when the scent hits my nose. It's very affordable!”


Meryl, 38

Peaches & Tropics


“This scent smells very floral and yet fresh at the same time. It's not overpowering nor is it too faint. I love that this make me feel so feminine. I find that this lasts very well on me. I don't re-apply throughout the day but when I come home, it still lingers on me faintly.”


Maria, 27

Citrus Zest & Neroli


“A light spritz that stays for about half the day. Great for layering with other heavier scents, with a nice clean smell…”


Abigail, 31


I bet now you’re convinced. So, hurry and get these products and be with nature wherever you may be!



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