Beeswax Candles: Purifying The Air As It Burns

Nowadays, people have found an assortment of ways to freshen up the air in their homes: incense, diffusers, and candles. Little did we know that, although these products are giving off great aroma, some can have massive negative impacts on the environment as they emit toxins that affect people’s health as well.

Good thing there is a way to achieve an aromatic ambiance in the house without risking the health of the people inside or the environment, through beeswax candles.

Here are five reasons why you should take the switch to this amazing product:

  1. They are naturally made, without any hint of chemical, making them environmental-friendly and very safe. Unlike paraffin candles, these were created from renewable energy, which also contributes to them burning cleanly and having less smoke. Moreover, these are very special products because it is estimated that bees have to fly 150,000 miles to collect enough honey to secrete one pound of wax.
  2. Beeswax candles have the highest melting point, as they also burn longer and also drip less. Additionally, the light they emit is of a similar spectrum as the sun, which means they are way brighter than other candles.
  3. The natural scent brought by the honey and nectar in the honeycomb makes these candles smell a whole lot better. Their scent doesn’t fade even as time passes, as they burn more beautifully as well.
  4. These are also the only candles that emit negative ions to purify and clean the air through neutralizing the toxins.
  5. They are also very safe to those with respiratory conditions like asthma, environmental allergies, sensitivities, and the like.

There are so many available candles in the market but beeswax candles are the only ones that are not destructive to the environment and our health. With these, beauty, elegance and good aroma can be achieved through just one single lighting. You can start switching to this product by choosing from our variants Forest and the Sea, Anise and Vanilla, Nectarine Comb Dews, Spiced Twig, and Only Olive and get better relaxation at home.


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