Be Stress-free Every Day with these Essential Oils

This fast-paced environment has given us the opportunity to do so many things and explore so many places easily. However, the act of quenching our curiosity may lead to so much stress, may it be in the physical, emotional or mental form. And because there is a need for us to perform well in our day-to-day life, it becomes imperative for our wellness to always be in good shape. Therefore, banishing stress from our systems should be a priority. One way to do this is through aromatherapy using Essential Oils.

These Essential Oils can help relieve 5 different types of stress:


Frankincense for Environmental Stress

Being in the wrong environment can give someone great difficulty in coping, leading to massive stress. These can include cramped spaces or inadequate ventilation. However, even familiar surroundings can give the same effect. Bombardment of text messages and calls, machinery noise, and buzzing lights or computers may be natural to us but these too can cause stress.

The best way to combat this is through the use of Frankincense Oil. It has the ability to relieve stress and anxiety, provide comfort, and even induce sleep because of its balsamic aroma.

Lavender for Chemical Stress

Chemical stress can be caused by the very food and beverages we consume. Too much coffee, junk food and prescribed drugs all have the ability to induce stress just as much as vehicle pollution or equipment chemicals.

To alleviate this, use Lavender Oil for its powerful mood-boosting properties. A quick whiff of its floral aroma can naturally calm and relax the mind.

Chamomile for Physical Stress

There are times people give so much focus on their physical bodies to maintain a healthy state that they tend to overwork and push themselves to their limits. Although there is nothing wrong with keeping fit, it is never a bad thing to have some rest and only do exercise that we can manage because this habit can give off stress.

To ease such feeling, it is best to use Chamomile Oil as it is effective yet very gentle. It has the ability to soothe tired muscles and raging nerves, as well as boost mood.

Bergamot for Mental Stress

Our mental wellness is just as important as our physical health because if it isn’t in its best condition then everything is affected. Some of the reasons for mental stress include having financial worries, anguish over uncompleted tasks and unemployment.

This dilemma can be reduced using Bergamot Oil, which brightens the mood. It is prized for being able to build confidence and dispel anxious feelings because it provides a calming effect.

Ylang Ylang for Emotional Stress

It is important we are able to express our emotions as much as we can because keeping them bottled up can also cause stress. Some reasons for this are bullying, jealousy and relationship problems.

The use of Ylang-Ylang Oil is good for this problem because it has calming properties that drive away stress and relax the body. Its rich, sweet and flowery scent also promotes a positive outlook.


Yes, we have different ways of coping with stress but it is always best to pick the techniques that would surely benefit us in the long run.


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