All About Moisturizers: Know The Best For Your Skin Type

Applying moisturizer is such an essential part of a skincare regimen. However, many people tend to skip this step, thinking their skin wouldn't need it anymore after all the other products used. What they don't know is the fact that moisturizers play an important part in keeping our skin healthy and glowing.

Moisturizers help in locking in all the products you've applied on your face, as they also do more than hydrating the skin. They protect your complexion, as well as assist in cell repair. However, you can only reap the benefits of your moisturizer if you are using the best one suited for your skin type. Otherwise, it can do more damage than good.

So, here's a comprehensive guide to know the perfect moisturizer for you and the best way to apply it.

Techniques in applying moisturizer

Don't fiercely rub your moisturizer onto your skin as this might trigger irritation and inflammation. Instead, try the following techniques:

  1. Upwards motion - massage the moisturizer upward with your hand to prevent sagging.

  2. Tapping - gently pat the moisturizer onto your skin for even distribution and absorption.

  3. Using facial roller - apply your moisturizer using a facial roller in an upward motion for a relaxing massage.

Finally, don't forget to apply on the neck and chest because these areas also need to keep hydrated and elastic.

Kinds of moisturizer

Gel moisturizers have a lightweight texture and do not contain pore-clogging oils, perfect for oily skin type (yes, even those with oily skin need to moisturize!). Often, these products have hyaluronic acid, vitamins, and humectants to keep your skin nourished and hydrated throughout the day.

Cream moisturizers have rich consistencies that are easily absorbed by the skin, as they help in strengthening the skin's barrier from harmful effects that dehydrate it. This type of moisturizer is best suitable for those with a dry skin type.

Lotion moisturizers are basically a combination of the gel and cream type. These are lightweight yet still very rich, making it suitable for all skin types. Moreover, they do not clog the pores and can also be used during cold or humid weathers.

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