7 Ways You Can Make Your 'Lady Garden' Happier and Healthier

Taking care of your parts down there is one of the most important things we have to do as women. Unfortunately, it's something most of us tend to disregard because of the belief that it is self-cleaning. Although there's truth to this, we still need to clean that particular area as it is very sensitive and prone to infections.

To get your lady parts healthy and at its best condition all the time, here are 7 habits you can practice.

Take annual exams.

Your gynecologist is the best person you can ask regarding concerns pertaining to your vagina. It is best that you make a visit at least once a year to identify early signs of vaginal infections and problems that might affect the reproductive system.

Replace old underwear.

There is nothing practical about using old panties because this habit may only lead to more problems. Your private parts need some space, especially if you move often and frequently. Opt for cotton underwear because they are breathable, unlike thongs, which can transport bacteria to the urethra.

Never rub, just pat.

Your skin down there is very sensitive, so you should never rub since this does not make your vagina cleaner and can even cause irritations. Instead, pat it dry with a clean towel because excess moisture in the vagina can start a yeast infection.

Do not douche.

Douching can wash out everything in there. Both the bad and good bacteria. If this is done regularly, it can increase the risk of getting infections because there is no bacteria to protect it.

Wipe from front to back.

The feces contains so much bacteria and if brought to the vagina or urethra, it can cause UTI and other infections. So always wipe front-to-back.

Maintain a healthy diet.

Just like the rest of your body, your lady bits also rely on good bacteria to protect it from bacteria-causing infection. Incorporate probiotic food onto your diet to help maintain the good bacteria down there.

Wash your hoo hoo once a day.

Most women believe that regular soap and water is enough to clean the vagina. However, this part of your body has a different pH level and it needs to be kept balanced, especially during your period.

For this last step, ensure you use a gentle cleanser that calm inflammation, inhibit bacterial growth, brighten complexion, increase cell turnover, and maintain skin health. Try our all-natural Feminine Foaming Cleanser in Fresh and Flora to get all these benefits for a fresher feeling down under.

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