Beauty Secret for me means GOOD SKIN. I was on the lookout for a new soap when I saw V&M’s website. I started looking through the albums and I couldn’t stop. I even read all of the products’ comments and feedback. It was only a week after when I decided to buy my first V&M package, The EMU-PURITY Package. From the first use, I knew immediately that V&M is different from all the other multiply sites selling organic products. I never got to finish my first Emu oil and Shea butter. The Emu oil was taken by mom as she uses it for its healing benefits when used for massage. (She is a diabetic and as such often suffers from swollen legs). Special tip is to rub it vigorously on your hands first before applying to the legs so it works well with the heat. I use the rose hip oil for small marks like for the pimple on my face. I rarely get pimples but when I do, it tends to be big ones and those that stay really long. Although the mark is still there, the pimple already became smaller and dry! I also gave my Shea butter to my 7-year old niece who suffers from skin eczema and almost always anxiously scratches her arms and legs from extreme dryness. She told me that the itching stopped almost immediately after using it.

Soon thereafter, family and friends started asking me about these new products I use. I am known for being extra sensitive and particular with my skin so I guess somehow they consider me a pseudo-expert on the matter. I found myself compiling orders for them so I decided to become a reseller.

As a reseller, I know how overwhelming and exciting choosing products can be and so I take time talking with clients (both girls AND guys) about skin problems they have, what they need and what they want to achieve with their skin. And of course I am always excited to hear personal experiences and feedback. Buying V&M is not only about choosing products you can afford. It is a decision of putting in these products into your daily regimen and then watch while it does its magic. I am thankful that I discovered V&M so I am now very happy that I am able to share it to other people too.


Ms. Aimee Nibungco | Cavite City, Philippines

Hi Ms. Jamie! I just wanted to thank you for bringing the Emu Oil wonder in the Philippines, and I must say, I'm addicted to it. You see I was born with more allergies than anyone can imagine, and little did I know that the dry, flaky, itchy and sometimes red and oozy skin I have on my ankles is eczema. I read on the net and found that nothing much can be done with it because it's my system's way of defending allergens, which is why I was hesitant to trust doctor's over the counter products because most of the time, I was given prescription for steroids. On the net, it says that to completely rid myself of eczema, I should change my diet and moisturize my skin as much as possible. Now, changing my diet would be radical because I would have to practically be vegetarian. I found about Emu oil and your website and doses of testimonials not only from your customers but also from Emu oil users in the world. I started off with SMOOCH LIP DETOX to test if it would really moisturize my ever cracking lips and IT DID! So I went with buying the PURE EMU OIL to treat my eczema and I was so surprised THAT IT REALLY DOES WORK!!! The flaky skin that thickened over time is now thinning and sometimes during application "banig banig tlga ng flaky skin ang natatanggal"! So I decided to complete my routine with MINTY GERANIUM MUD and CLEOPATRA RUB am still waiting for optimum results. Thanks so much!


Bianca del Rosario | Quezon City, Philippines

The African Black Soap is probably THE soap I'm going to use for the rest of my least for my face :) Just by the lather you can tell that it's different from other soaps. It does a serious job of cleaning and washing away all facial impurities (dirt, makeup, etc). It whitens, guaranteed! It has no strong weird smell. The pimples of my teenage daughter are slowly drying up but it never dries up my skin. It's hard to explain but I don't know how else to put it. This brown, eeky (haha) stuff is really awesome! You should all try this, your skin will love it! Never mind how it looks!


Ianee Lee | Quezon City, Philippines

ANOTHER HAPPY LULUR USER! I can't believe I came across this only now. Anyway, I got my orders last Friday (Thank you, Jamie!) and this was the very first one I tried. It stung a bit but after I washed it off and patted my face dry --- WOW. My skin is more supple. The following day, I used it again (1 in the AM and another at night) -- it did not sting anymore. AND AND AND -- I noticed my whiteheads have diminished significantly. Seryoso to ha. My skin reacted badly to some Korean product I was using (+ stress at work and school) so my face had bumps all over. By the third use, a lot of the bumps began to dry up. This is already my 5th day of use (2x a day) and almost all of the whiteheads are gone except for one (it's the time of the month, so my skin is not at it's best). I am really really happy to have found this soap bar. My skin is clearer, and I think the discolorations on my cheeks are beginning to disappear. Thank you so much, Jamie. Will definitely get the bigger size, para naman matest ko rin as bath soap <3 Hugs to you!


Cat Chan | Manila, Philippines

I just wanted to share how amazing V&M’s Emu oil is. My daughter got a 2nd degree burn on her inner arm, a 3" x 1.5" patch of skin was melted. We applied first aid and on the first 2 days, I put antibiotic gauze on her burn but it was really just red & raw. The doctor prescribed oral and topical antibiotics but I'm really REALLY wary of the side effects on her body. On the 3rd day, I just upped her Fern-C dose and put V&M Emu oil on her burn, and covered it with gauze. I was amazed when I took it off before her bath, the skin wasn't red and raw anymore, just a pale pink that seemed to by drying up. Thank God for this blessing!!


Chie Acosta | Quezon City, Philippines

Oh my good Lord the V&M Smooch Lip Detox worked like magic! I'm so amazed! I'm so overwhelmed because I have contact dermatitis to lip balm, and I've never found a lipbalm that doesn't break me out...Save for this One! Immediate ang relief eh. When I put it on, there’s a minty feel then after a while, nawala. Tapos smooth na siya (considering my lips were peeling like hell yesterday). Then i slept (nervously, because my lips might swell again like how it usually does with other lipbalms when I woke up). Now that I've woken up, wala ni isang rash (there wasn’t any sign of rash at all!). I am impressed beyond compare. Grin *I'm so elated*


Kat Charco | Manila, Philippines

I used CPC+G directly on my underarms since I don't really want to lighten my skin but need to work on underarms that have darkened post pregnancy. And it really, absolutely, works. It didn't just lighten it, it also smoothened it out a bit. My sisters think I'm using some expensive stuff, and I told them I'll buy them some so they can see for themselves. So, will order again soon! Plus, also running low on V&M Emu oil!


EJ Dimaano | Manila, Philippines

Hello Jamie! The CPC+G is heaven sent. It absolutely whitened my underarm and post-pregnancy stretch marks. I love all your products especially CPC+G Oil and the Royal Pearl soap. Thanks for introducing these wonderful products to us! :)


Maria Rowena A. Buena | Calamba City, Philippines

CPC+G Oil dramatically lightened the burn discolorations on my fingers. I’m so happy!!! They are 50% lighter now that I have used it for one week. Probably by next week, there'd be no discoloration at all. This is magic! As expected!


Jazz Amorin | Quezon City, Philippines

My husband and I love your CPC+G Oil, it's been a week since we started using this along with the Bare It All Emu Mentholated Cream, our elbows lightened and no more heel cracks, also my knees lightened back after too much beach exposure. I love the Lulur soap and the Spa Milk Salt ,specially the scent. I have been using many spa salts but none of them can compare so far with V&M’s Spa Milk Salt. I was looking at the container and wondering if this would leave my skin irritated like the other ones that I have tested. I was surprised that it did not irritate my skin but actually moisturized it. It seems that I have made the right choice this time. I love the clean feeling I get from it and the appreciation of the people in the house whenever they get to smell me, especially the compliment I get from my husband. Smells yummy, really! My friends are complimenting the smooth and healthy skin we got from using V&M products, I take a bath twice a day and love the mentholated feel of the skin. We also use this sparingly for massage sessions with hubby. 'Coz it really relaxes plus we both love the scent! Will be ordering again after the 2 tubs are gone. I think I will try Glyce n Oats and Radiance cream next. Thank you for selling these wonderful products! More power and God bless V&M.


Katherine | Manila, Philippines

Hey Jamie! I had my sister use the Bare It All Emu Cream because she has skin asthma. It worsens when the weather is humid. She has these marks on her neck, dried wounds from the skin asthma, and after less than 2 weeks of using your Bare It All Emu cream, she tells me now that her neck is back to being smooth again. She showed me this morning, and kuminis na talaga!


Micah Constantino | Manila, Philippines