Emu Oil (Australia) 1ml

Emu Oil is a 100% natural oil that gently but effectively hydrates and regenerates the skin. From pimples, acne scars, insect bites, hair fall, allergies to psoriasis, eczema, rashes, wounds and even burns, Emu Oil is an essential staple on your skin routine!

Being the "Only Natural Oil Close to the Human Skin Components", Emu Oil has the ability to improve the condition of the skin. It is also the fastest penetrating natural oil renowned for its ability to beautify and hydrate the skin and hair. Due to Emu Oil's myriad of skin benefits, it is often considered to be a miracle oil.


For best results, gently massage 2-3 drops into face and/or body. Use morning and night or as required. Use alone or in conjunction with your regular moisturizing products.


Pure fully refined emu oil

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