Pure Emu Oil 1ml

V&M Naturals Emu oil enjoys the reputation as the ONLY natural oil that is closest to the human skin components, thus it has the ability to cure almost any type of skin ailment. It is also the fastest penetrating natural oil, hence it is renowned for its ability to beautify, hydrate and rejuvenate the skin. Due to EMU Oil's myriad of benefits, it is often considered to be a MIRACLE oil.



The Story of Emu Oil - Back in 2008, my cousin's psoriasis got to its worst state. Her legs felt so painful, to the point that she couldn't even wear even the lightest fabric to cover her legs. That's when a relative from Australia sent us a sample of Emu Oil. She used it day in and day out and after just 3 days of religiously applying it unto her skin, we've seen tremendous effects. I thought, "If this Oil is so good, why not create a soap with it in the formulation to complement its moisturizing and healing abilities in my cousin's daily bath?" Hence Poppy Plush soap was born. The rest, as they say, is history.