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Silk Serum Foundation:

Silk Serum Powder or Stay Rosy:

(Shades available: Vanilla, Creme, Caramel, Hazelnut, Toffee)


Healthy makeup? Possible.

V&M Naturals new silicone-free liquid foundations are meant to give a natural, matte finish as they refine the pores. These products may have light consistencies but they give a good medium to full coverage that lasts for hours. The best thing, is they also blend smoothly to the skin.

V&M Naturals new powder foundation. This significantly reduces the appearance of dark spots, redness and other blemishes, giving that velvety finish everyone so desires. No need to worry about having a cakey buildup either because reapplication wouldn’t be necessary, as this foundation effectively absorbs sebum production. You can now flaunt a fresher, radiant look from day ‘til night!

Enjoy long-lasting, smooth and glowing skin with Stay Rosy Translucent Powder. Set your makeup with this powder perfect for any complexion and gives a brightening and rosy appearance when touched by light. Now, you wouldn’t have to layer compact powder throughout the day for that youthful, silky and matte finish. Enjoy a light makeup every single time and impress everyone with your glowing skin.