Here’s the Perfect Blush Formula Based on Your Skin Type

Nothing about knowing the perfect shade of makeup and formula is ever easy. This goes for foundations, concealers, lipsticks and blush. Yes, blush! It's mostly overlooked by so many people thinking that any color is okay to use no matter their complexion or skin type. What so many of us may not know is there are blush formulas that are much better for us to use than others.

Intrigued? Continue reading to know the perfect blush for you.

Liquid Formula

The pigment you get from liquidformulas is often more intense and best applied with a brush or fingertips to diffuse the color.

Best forNormal to dry skin types (as it gives natural-looking glow)

Powder Formula

This is the most commonly used formula, but it can get tricky when it comes to the pigment’s intensity. If too much color was applied, swirling a cotton ball over the cheeks can remove excess blush.

Best ForNormal or combination to oily skin types (since it can absorb excess oil and reduce shine)

Stains & Gels Formulas

Although this formula may seem fool-proof, it is tricky to use because it may streak if it isn’t worked with immediately.

Best For: All skin types (for that flushed glow - just don’t forget to prep with moisturizer and apply blush on fingertips, not directly on the cheeks)

Cream Formula

This formula is perfect for getting that dewy skin many enjoy. The smooth, velvety texture is easy to work with and opacity is buildable by patting more layers on.

Best For: Normal to dry and aging skin (to achieve soft, youthful finish due to the formula’s moisture)

Yes, makeup is a form of art and we have the freedom to do just about anything to achieve whatever look we’re after. However, results would be even more amazing if we’re using the right tools… and if possible, products that make our skin healthy. Just like our makeup line!

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