Glow Getter Kit 3

It’s time to get glowing with our newest bundle of bestselling brightening products!

Glow Getter Kit 3 includes:

1 Underarmour Aloe - this deodorant spray helps counteract unpleasant body odors without inhibiting the important functions of the skin. It moisturizes underarm skin as it brightens it with daily use. It dries within seconds leaving no stickiness

1 CPC+G Oil - this mixture of potent skin lightening oils, actives and extracts such as Calamansi, Papaya, Camellia Japonica and Grapefruit is perfect for acne marks, dark spots and dark areas not just on the face but also on the body

1 Miracle Promise - this bikini and underarm creme smoothens the skin while effectively delaying the growth of unwanted hair. This product is perfect to be used as post-care treatment for hair removal treatments such as laser, wax, shave, and plucking.


Shake Underarmour Aloe well before use, apply 2 pumps to clean and dry underarms and let dry. Add 3-6 drops of CPC+G Oil to boost its brightening effect and follow up with 1 pump of Miracle Promise once dry.