How do I check on my order?

We make sure to send an email at every step of your transaction. You can also log in to your account to view the status of your order.

PENDING: Your payment has not been confirmed yet
PROCESSING: we are packing your orders!
SHIPPED: We have successfully shipped your orders out.

What are your modes of payment?

We have partnered with Dragonpay so that you can have more payment options to choose from! Just make sure to carefully read their instructions before wiring your payment.

Oh noes! The reserved item on my cart was gone

We’re sorry for this, some of our items are really flying off the shelves fast. Make sure to settle your payments for your orders quicker next time to prevent others from grabbing your items.

Uh, I don’t like what I ordered, can I return it?

Due to the very sensitive nature of the products, returns due to change of mind are not accepted. All products are pictured and described exactly the way they are, hence buyers are expected to think their purchases thoroughly before pushing through with their orders. We use all-natural ingredients to formulate our products to ensure that we get to produce only the best quality each time, which is also the reason that makes our products prone to spoilage. We, therefore, cannot accept products that have been used even just once. However, if the product is proven defective upon receipt of the package, we would gladly replace the item. Any purchases made online must be checked within 3 days upon receipt of the package. Reports or complaints must also be communicated within this period. If no reports are submitted to our Customer Support Teams, all delivered items are considered merit your satisfaction.

Are your products safe for pregnant and lactating women?

Most of our products are safe for pregnant and lactating women, but some products contain skin lightening ingredients that may not be suitable for expectant moms and lactating women. If you really really really want our products, don’t fret! Our formulations contain just the prescribed amount that is proven safe by the FDA so as to make sure that the products won’t be harmful to anyone’s skin. In fact, a lot of our pregnant and lactating clientele love it!

Can I order online and pick it up from your store?

Since our website holds a different inventory count, we cannot always guarantee that the items you have reserved on the website are at your chosen store real-time. We would recommend that you coordinate with our Customer Support Team through 358-49-43 for special order requests.

How can I track my order tagged as delivered?

You can find your tracking/waybill number when you log in to your account. Go to air21.com.ph, input your tracking/waybill number to track the delivery.

I received the wrong product, what shall I do?

Oh, our mistake! We’re sorry about this. Please shoot us an email at help@vnmnaturals.com so our Client Support Team can assist you.

What’s the expiration date of your products?

The expiration dates of the products are indicated on the packaging. But if you love our products as much as we do and tend to hoard, we always produce fresh batches and products are good for 2 years from manufacturing date.

I noticed that my favorite product did not have the same consistency anymore, did you change the formulation?

We, at V&M, are committed to bringing you the best formula every time. So if you noticed a change in scent, consistency, or color, we just made your favorites better! We always want to improve its efficiency as we are always on the lookout for better actives to put in the formulation. For more information about the formulation, please refer to the ingredients list printed on the label

Do you ship internationally?

Unfortunately not, at this time.

Do you accept pre-orders?

Yes, we do!

Where and what time does your Headquarters operate?

We are located at Unit 3 L6 B168 Regalado Avenue, North Fairview, Quezon City. You can visit us Mondays to Saturdays from 8:30 - 5:00 PM.

I love to be your Partner, what do I do?

Hit us up at partners@vnmnaturals.com! We’d love to have you on our growing team!

I’m not in love but look at this big pimple complemented with dark spots! What do I do? Can you help me?

Of course! When it comes to overall skin health, we got you! For pimples, we highly recommend Emu Oil as it dries up pimples fast. You just spot treat a pimple with a drop of emu oil and make sure you apply every time your skin absorbs the product until a pimple dries up, patience is key. For the blemishes, since you have to lighten them up, a great product to use is the CPCG Oil. This product has earned a lot of great reviews in getting rid of dark patches, blemishes or dark spots and scars. Hope this helps!

What do you mean by 100% vegan?

We mean all ingredients used to make them are plant-based.

Are your products vegan? I just read Emu. Isn’t Emu a bird?

Not all of our products are vegan. We have both vegan and emu-based products.

Are your products tested on animals?

Glad to know you are an advocate of cruelty-free and environmentally friendly products. We are proud to say that our brand stands for the same causes. We may use animal by-ingredients but we never test our final product on animals. Looking forward to having you try our items soon.