Brightening Love Plant Oil (Japan) 10ml

Experience continuous skin renewal and unclogging of pores from our 100% natural Brightening Love Plant Oil (Oxalis Triangularis). It is guaranteed to lighten skin and even out skin tone as it strongly inhibits melanin production and regulates tyrosinase activity (skin darkening) and protein expression related to melanogenesis (dark pigment). It also promotes whitening with NO UGLY PEELING, chemicals, hydroxy acids and hydroquinone. It also works within deep into the core targeting the cells guaranteeing whitening as it strengthens the outer layer of the skin. It reduces wrinkles, shrinks the pores and improves elasticity in just 3 days. Best skin will be visible in 2-8 weeks. 


For best results, use the oil twice a day as a moisturizer-but remember, a little goes a long way.  


Candeia Oil, Love Plant Oil, Karanja Oil