6 Step Complete Face Care Kit

Your complete V&M face care routine in one pretty pouch!

Our 6 Step Complete Face Care Kit includes:

(EXFOLIATE) 1 Wakamine Ferment Mask - a deep clensing mask that contains wakamine which is a lightening active derived from microalgae to achieve porcelain skin, Velay Green Clay that effectively cleanses heavily clogged pores, and Spray Dried Salt water that balances the production of oil as it purifies the skin

(CLEANSE) 1 Honeycomb Pomegranate Soap 135g - encourages radiant skin by promoting collagen production and reduces signs of hyperpigmentation

(TONE) 1 Witch Hazel Toner - naturally cleanses and promotes a clear complexion by helping fade acne blemishes while still being gentle enough for daily use

(MOISTURIZE) 1 Hazelnut Oil 30ml - known as a pore-reducing and acne-fighting oil, it contains astringent properties which help absorb oils and shrink pores, while its antibacterial components go to work battling skin bacteria to help reduce blackheads and pimples

(BOOST) 1 Total Potion Insta-Lift Serum - unclogs clogged pores, combats free radicals, tones dehydrated skin, lightens blemishes like a bleaching agent without causing harsh peeling and skin damage as it promotes overall renewed skin complexion

(PROTECT) 1 Keep Safe Tinted Sunscreen - protects the skin with SPF 35 and has a light and non-greasy formulation that adjusts to your skin tone

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